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[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Feta cheese on flat bread dough"]<img class="size-medium wp-image-350" title="101_0682" src="https://www.nursendogan.com/en/wp-content/depo/2009/09/101_0682-300x225.jpg" alt="Feta cheese on flat bread dough" width="300" height="225" />[/caption]

<div class="mceTemp">Gozleme and Borek is special-occasion food which requires great skill and patience to make . It is a delicous whole meal,an importtant part of traditinal  Turkish cusine.  The sheets of the dough are layerd and filled with cheese, meat,chicken,or spinach and is then baked or fried.</div>
<div class="mceTemp">You can see  in some restoruants    at he foumus touristic places    the layds sitting and  rool the dough to make  <strong>GOZLEME</strong> .</div>
<div class="mceTemp">Unfortunately no bady make this savory tasty bulgur dough. It is    very old recipie . It use to make by poor villager. </div>
<div class="mceTemp"><strong>INGREDIENTS</strong></div>
<div class="mceTemp">1cup feta cheese , grated                                  </div>
<div class="mceTemp">1/2 cup parsley  fine chopped                                 <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-352" title="101_0648" src="https://www.nursendogan.com/en/wp-content/depo/2009/09/101_0648-300x225.jpg" alt="101_0648" width="300" height="225" /></div>
<div class="mceTemp">1 recipe's of bulgur flat bread dough    </div>
<div class="mceTemp">2tablespoons melted butter</div>
<div class="mceTemp"><strong>   </strong></div>
<div class="mceTemp"><strong>METHOD</strong></div>
<div class="mceTemp">Mix together  all igredients . prepare the bulgur flat bread dough. Roll like flat bulgur bread .  Mix greated feta cheese and parsley . Lay 2 table spoons of the cheese mixture onto half of one bread and cover the other half of the bread with the mixture like a letter D where you push downon one side ofthr D. Bake on ungreased pan 5 munites per side. Brush melted butter. Serve warm.</div>
<div class="mceTemp"><strong>FRIED BOREK</strong></div>
<div class="mceTemp">Or fried the D bread which filled cheese.<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-353" title="101_0683" src="https://www.nursendogan.com/en/wp-content/depo/2009/09/101_0683-300x225.jpg" alt="101_0683" width="300" height="225" /> in vegetable oil.</div>

[caption id="attachment_354" align="alignright" width="300" caption="fried borek "]<img class="size-medium wp-image-354" title="101_0685" src="https://www.nursendogan.com/en/wp-content/depo/2009/09/101_0685-300x225.jpg" alt="fried borek " width="300" height="225" />[/caption]

<div><strong>ENJOY! or as we say AFIYET OLSUN!</strong>   Literally meaning, may you be healty. This is followed by a tribute to the creator of the meal , <strong>'ellinize saglik'</strong> meaning healty to your hands .</div>

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