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Turkish cusine  durring its   development, food  become of great importance to order,symbolising  spiritual sustenance and its preparation ,purification of   the soul. Lamb and pilaf dihes cooked with qinces ,apples,appricots,figs,  raisins and date .If has a qince  and acup of bulgur, you can cook savory, tasty pilaf.  To company a meat dish or  as part of barbecue spread. 


1cup coarse bulgur

1quince peeled, chopped

1onion, chopped

2cups broth, or water

2tablespoons butter

salt and pepper  to taste.
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Melt butter in a pot  and saute the oinon until softened. Add bulgur and quince  saute 1 munite .Add bolling broth or water. Add salt and black pepper.  Cover and cook 20 munitesover medium heat. Remove from the heat  .Stir with fork and let rest  for 10 munites.   Serve  soon..
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