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  Turkish cusine, wich includes  lots of dishes made whole grains,BULGUR  wheat, wich wheat that  includes  both the bran and the germ, was   a staple of our diet.   wich was lucky for us. 

 Becouse it is so healthful.

Unlike processed wheat  and rice, bulgur is not a refined strach, Becouse  it unrefined, it is harder for body to break down into sugars .

So , it doesn't contribute to the risk of heart disease, diabets an obesity.

Luckily. in United States a,bulgur weath is finally getting the  attention it deserves.

Americans  are getting the massege  that is good idea to eats  more  whole grains, like bulgur, which is  low calories  and high in minerals and fiber.   ( see <a href="http://www.whfoods.com">www.whfoods.com</a> =foodspice)

But this migth be hard for Americans  to do ,becouse not many people  know good Bulgur recipes.

Turkish cooking can help!  Includes lots of whole grains.

So  in Turkey we 'we been  cooking with whole  grains  like Bulgur  for thousands  of years ..

So  in  that blog I'll give you all may favorite bulgur  recipes .  Most of  these are very traditional, but I've  also tailored many of them.  

  That they are easier  to cook and  lighter  and more nutritious .

I  hope    you have  a chance  to enjoy or as we  say  in Turkish . AFIYET OLSUN!

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